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I was contacted by phone by a person representing Primo Vacations and offering me a membership where I would receive access to greatly reduced accommodations.I declined.

I was then offered a free 3-night family getaway if I purchased the Primo membership. I declined. I was then offered an additional free companion airfare if I purxchased the Primo membership. I declined.

I was then offered an additional free companion cruise if I purchased the Primo membership. I bought. For $727 I received access to what sounded like a wonderful opportunity to travel at a discount. I have tried to redeem my cruise offer.

After paying an additional fee of $25 for the privilege of doing so, i then followed instructions and entered the cruise dates and destination I was interested in. And then I waited. And waited. I tried calling customer service and was given a series of evasive answers.

I have concluded that I am out $752.

I would love to get my money back but know that won't happen.I would really like to tell everyone to STAY AWAY FROM PRIMO VACATIONS!!!!!!

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This is a true story because I had the same experience with Primo Vacations and lost completely that same amount of $727 and not able to contact them back. A real SCAM.

Olds, Alberta, Canada #964279

I purchased the primo vacation with the free 3 day family getaway and the companion airfare, paid the 25 to get the companion airfare.When I tried to use it it is no longer good.

Now!!! I am getting call from Global? telling me that I owe them money because I never took the 3 day family getaway. They want somewhere in the neighbourhood of 1200.

to go away they even threaten to charge my credit card.

I basically told them what they could do with that and to leave me alone or I will find someone to report them to.I get the call about every 6 months or so It's driving me crazy but I will not pay them anything and I dare them to try and charge my card.


I was called by a person who paid for a list a numbers and I found

out that this person lived in a motel room and is an alcoholic and

drug user. I found out that his name is Fred Hansen and he lives

in Pomona, CA. He is ripping people off by claiming he has made

considerable amount of money. It was FRAUD!!!! Do not by into

anything this person sells.


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Called by DLM rep...inexpensive condo rentals through them & PRIMO."No problem' when we asked if we could book in June for a holiday in Florida in Feb/2012.

We fell for it. Have had nothing but precarication since..."Not our fault" says to DIM Marketing...(fat chance0..even though DLN rep used PRIMO name liberally during the call. This past week no luck in even talking to a so-called PRIMO customer help line. Be war..PRIMO pres.

Rob Hanley talks a good line.....but stalls and doesn't return phone calls.

Stay away from this .Larry

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Primo Vacations

Vancouver, British Columbia 1 comment
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A charge was put through on our MasterCard to "hold" our purchase while we made a final decision.We decided not to join Primo Vacations and we DID NOT sign their contract or agree to join either verbally or by email.

Primo Vacations has a 3 day refund policy, and we requested a refund on the 1st day. The request was finally acknowledged 12 days later, and we were told that we would receive our refund with 3 - 7 business days. We have been waiting for 30 days now and still no refund.

We have contacted their agent DLN Marketing through 15 different emails back and forth; written to the CEO of Primo Vacations; filed a complaint with the Nevada Better Business Bureau and still no refund.

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I have also not been able to get my money back after I decided not to join Primo Vacations, did not sign any contract and told them within the correct time frame that I did not want to be a member.Was told I would get the money back that was billed to my Visa card on Aug.1,2012.

Emails and phone calls to DlN Marketing and Primo have been futile. Was told by Primo that they did not have my money , so they could not send it back. Primo said that DLN marketing had the money and DLN Marketing will not answer my emails or phone calls.

What they did with it I have no idea.

I certainly got nothing for it.I would strongly suggest, " do not get involved with this group."

Primo Vacations - Illegal charge

Chatswood, New South Wales 0 comments

This purchase was made without my consent or knowledge.

If you have paid by credit card, the charge will appear on your statement as I*PrimoVacations.c.

Tax Total: USD 0.00

Manual Processing Surcharge: USD 0.00

Total of Order: USD 39.95

The only trouble was I had looked into that company several months ago and deiced I didn't want to join it. I must have given them my card number at the time and thought that was all over.

Then on the !6 May 2012 the above email appeared in my in box. I have not been able to get a response or a refund a week later.

I sent this reply to SWReg the same day.

An illegal purchase has been made on my card by

DRI*PrimoVacations.c. I want the order cancelled and an immediate refund


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Primo Vacations - The company took 679dollars from me and and stopped access to my membership

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I paid for a travel membership with Primovacations .com .their travel providers are hemisphere travel GA .

The travel service was appalling and I could never get a vaction . I complained as is my right a consumer to do so and David Pollack the CEO of hemisphere travel was annoyed . He was annoyed further when I told him that the free cruise voucher from the cruise company that he was promoting had never reached me .he ignored me . I researched david Pollack on the net and there are numerous people making allegations against him citing sharp practice .

The Caribbean cruise line who reneged on my free cruise voucher are known to the BBB who are inundated with complainst about them for similar behaviour. I contacted D Pollack asking if these allegations I had heard were true as I didnt wish to be associated with him if they were.

I obviously touched a raw nerve as he wrote back threatening me with a law suite and banning me from his company However he and Primovacations have never refunded me my null and void membership fee .Im disgusted with them

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This fellows complaint is EXACTLY what happened to me a month ago!No way am I getting any replies to my efforts to cancel and get my refund.

It's borderline criminal.Anyone invited some US lawyer to take out a class action


This fellows complaint is EXACTLY what happened to me a month ago!No way am I getting any replies to my efforts to cancel and get my refund.

It's borderline criminal.Anyone invited some US lawyer to take out a class action


We joined in june 2012...were promised.."no ponlem" when we asked that we be guranteed a beach resort in South West Florid for March 2013,(for a family reunion) Since then, we have had nothing but problems....passed along to vrious people..usually given their first name each time......had hard time to actually hear back from anyone....when we did ,promises were made and broken.On the Primo site..find No beach resorts available for March, 201in SW Florida., Is this company legit?

Starting to think it is not.L& D Regan


Since I have been with Primo Vacation Since 2009!This is totally BULL and their is always an agenda.

I have never in my over 2-years with the Company EVER hear of this complaint!.Gee I wonder what he's SELLING?


What is the parent company, Hemisphere Travel?I can't seem to find any complaints at all.

Although, there is one Hemisphere Travel based in New York, but is not accredited.

It has an A rating due to length of time in business.I don't see David Pollack's name anywhere.


I have been checking up the whole thing and it is connected to yournetbiz which is a pyramid scheme. The people who are involved tend to sell worthless packages. Here is the refund policy

Refund Policy for

"As a purchaser of the PRIMOVACATIONS subscription, I understand it is my responsibility to supply the information necessary to create my PrimoVacations website and that I may fully evaluate the system itself for 3 days.

During the first 3 days, I understand there is a 100% refund."

After the initial 3 day period has expired, I understand I am no longer eligible for a refund however I know I can cancel my subscriptions at any time with a 30 day notice."

The thing is a small claims issue and that is where they will *** over.

You really need to check up the legal situation on misrepresentation or sale of goods & services.


Yes you are right many of the complaints do come from me and if you check the BBB and the FTC websites you will discover that my complaint is still valid .The FTC would not have become involved if my complaint was un true ..think about it !

Do your due dilligence and view all the scam sites and you will see that others have complained about David Pollock over the last few years .I was scammed and in the interest of justice or until I get my money back I will continue to protest.

Me thinks you are a friend of Rob Hannley or David Pollock to sound as incensed about this as you do .I know both would like it if I went away quietly but its not going to happen .The amount of money they have conned me out of is too great to be lining their pockets Now go and play by the bus stop .....




Wow!Thanks for sharing this information.

i've been trying to research Primo Vacations Scams and only came across sites where people were selling it.

Ah well, those dream vacations are back on the back burner again.:sigh

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